Specify product procurement services

We have a service agent network and sound branch structure all over the world, with MSK, MSC, CMA-CGM, APL, OOCL, EMC and other world-renowned shipping companies for many years to cooperate and establish a good relationship, to provide customers with charter booking, repair documents, schedule notice, freight inquiries, agent insurance, railway, road transit transport, overseas network and other related import and export transport services, for overseas customers and domestic customers network services. Includes operational arrangements for specified goods and the collection and payment of freight, as well as inland extension services. We will be based on the specific goods and routes for customers to create the most suitable shipping and cost solutions. To provide customers with the most efficient transportation, the lowest freight rates of the strong guarantee!

Customs clearance

Because of long-term cooperation with customs inspection and other departments, our company has a good reputation, anxious customers think, our company will be based on the nature of the operation of customers, products and other characteristics, and then according to our understanding of professional knowledge, to assist customers to work out a set of convenient and efficient customs clearance program.