We have many storage bases in Guangdong and Zhejiang, China, for the production and manufacturing, trade-oriented, logistics-oriented enterprise customers to provide distribution transit warehouse and other warehousing services. With epoxy floor paint warehouse, heavy-duty shelf three-dimensional warehouse, configuration of loading and unloading machines, compression packaging machines, equipped with intelligent security and warehouse WMS management system, to provide computer-side, mobile phone-side data docking, customers timely update query inventory, security and rest assured. Wide channels Flexible provisioning

Wide channels Flexible provisioning

Its own transport cooperation fleet, according to the demand for goods to deploy a variety of truck flatbed vehicles and other models, sufficient capacity. To provide mature logistics, land, sea and air transportation global and overseas distribution channels, special circumstances flexible handling, to meet the distribution needs of different enterprise customers.

Real-time monitoring Safety efficiency

Equipped with intelligent management system goods storage, mature human sorting, classification inspection, improve accuracy and work efficiency. With GPS visual tracking system, real-time monitoring of the entire transport process, to ensure the safe arrival of goods on time.