OEM custom products

Now the market goods are full of eyes, but different customers have different needs for products, the requirements of goods have different focus, such as product appearance, product packaging, product color or product materials, product quality and product accessories, or you want to redesign a product of their own, these can be achieved through our OEM customization.

OEM products by the manufacturers directly in accordance with the needs of our customers, greatly reduce the production costs and cycles of manufacturers, production of each link, we can help customers control the quality of products, details, in each production link to improve the quality of products OEM, so as to ensure that after the completion of product production, its product quality in line with customer demand, its price is also more cost-effective, customers from us to get the product is a product competition advantage.
2. Customer demand for accurate products
Customers can ask us for OEM customization before production, we will provide customer oEM customized samples, to help customers finally determine the OEM custom product style, to ensure the feasibility of customer OEM customization. This can greatly reduce the OEM products encountered in the production process, and ensure that OEM products in the final production is completed in line with customer expectations of the ideal product, to meet customer demand for products.
3.  Product production flexibility
OEM custom products are based on customer requirements for all aspects of the product is different, in order to achieve flexible production of products. Listed such as pot production, based on the different needs of the guests for quality we will provide guests with an optional forging process. The installation of corresponding accessories such as pot handles and lids, as well as the materials and quality of accessories production can also provide guests with a variety of choices, in such a flexible choice of OEM products, both invisibly for customers to reduce the cost of products at the same time to meet customer demand. We will communicate with our suppliers in depth, layer by layer to control product quality, timely send products to customers at each stage of production status, customers can always grasp the direction of production of products, to achieve true OEM customization

Specify product procurement services

We provide customers with designated product procurement services, customers only need to provide us with product photos, product names, uses, we can provide customers with product parameters and products of different styles and samples, to better provide customers with designated procurement services.

1.Targeted for customers to find designated products

According to the customer's images, parameters, use, and product details, relying on the strong domestic Internet information and the support of our many suppliers, the use of a strong search system, and all available resources to help our customers find designated products. No matter from the product quality, appearance packaging and strive to find customer-specified products, all-round targeted for customers to find designated products, and provide customers with procurement services.

2.The same products for quality price of all-round comparison

Product sales channels are numerous, inevitably there will be the same product but have different quotations, in this case, we will not price the product information collection, collection of product materials, production cycle, origin, logistics, quality, suppliers and price information for customers to buy product information for all aspects of comparison. client
3. Designate multiple suppliers of products to ensure stable supply
A product often has a lot of suppliers behind, we will use resources, explore more suppliers, stable supply channels, to ensure adequate supply. In this way, even a single product, but also have a higher cost-effective, to ensure that customers get the goods are competitive in the market.
For the purchase of specified products, we believe that customers need to specify the production is the purchase is nothing but ultra-low prices, reliable suppliers, good product quality. We have in-depth cooperation with suppliers, professional product procurement methods, mature procurement fruit process, will be able to provide customers with the best quality procurement services.

E-commerce services

China Manufacturing Network for the global provision of Chinese products e-commerce services, the purpose is to use the Internet to introduce Chinese-made products to global buyers, based on Chinese-made products, in the field of international trade services, to become the world's leading e-commerce enterprises.

The China Manufacturing Network e-commerce platform provides services to Chinese suppliers and global buyers by publishing and managing enterprises, products and product catalogs through virtual offices. It plays a particularly important role in e-commerce. Search for products through The Chinese catalogue, contact suppliers, get information, quotes and parameters for purchased products, and more. Effectively conduct trade with Chinese product suppliers and obtain free information and multi-functional services from Chinese manufacturers, suppliers and exporters.
China is a developed resources, developed network, we are in Guangzhou, China - the front end of trade, electronic trade services are the most advantageous resources, convenient logistics, countless commodities, the most front-end information, we can provide customer demand for supply chain-style services, from domestic Internet e-trade procurement, logistics tracking, product acceptance, cross-border logistics door-to-door services, we have mature experience and strong resources. Must be able to provide customers with the highest quality electronic trading services.